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We are excited to provide Aeries Communications as our communication system with families and our school community.

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Getting Started with Aeries Communications

Direct Messages

Personal Information

Notification Settings

When you log into the Aeries Parent Portal through a web browser you will now see the information below. You can customize your notification preferences. We highly encourage you to choose the General and Emergency Announcements so that you receive all important messages from your child’s teacher(s) and school.

At the top of the Parent Portal screen you will see a new tab - Communications.

When you click on this tab a new web browser tab will open with Aeries Communications. On the left hand side of your screen you will see two icons. The one on the left (we call it the hamburger) is where you will see messages from your child’s school and teacher.

The one on the right - the speech bubble - is where you can send direct messages to your child’s teacher(s).

Direct Messages

Once you have set up your preferences when logging into the Parent Portal through a web browser, you can also use Aeries Communications on your Aeries Mobile App. When you click on the Communication icon you will be able to perform the same functions as on the web browser.


NOTE: The first time you log in to your child's account you will need to do so on a browser. The preferred browser is Chrome as there is an issue with Internet Explorer and Safari.

To view teachers or class schedules parents/guardians must use a web browser. The Aeries Mobile App will not show middle school schedules until teachers create grade books. Grade books are created after a school year starts.

To view teachers/schedules:

  • Elementary teachers and room numbers are under Demographics.

  • Middle School schedules are under "Classes." Parents can sort by trimester if more than one trimester is displaying.

If you do not have a Portal account please complete this form - Request to add Parent Email for Aeries Parent Portal Account Creation - Once your information is verified, an email will be linked to your child's account and an Aeries Parent Portal account will be automatically generated. Only one Parent Portal Account is needed per family.

For all new students enrolling after July 29th, Parent Portal account will be automatically generated when school offices verify the information from Aeries Online Enrollment.

If you have already created an Aeries Parent Portal account last year, you can access it here. You can click on "forgot password" to reset your password.

The Aeries Parent Portal is an online resource that will allow parents/guardians to access teacher/class assignments, attendance records, report cards, standardized test scores, view middle school students' grades, and much more throughout the school year.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact your school office or send an email to