Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

What is Second Step?

A Foundation for Life

The elementary years are the ideal time to nurture social-emotional competence and develop foundational learning skills.

A leading social-emotional learning (SEL) program in US elementary schools, Second Step® Elementary is research-based, easy to adapt and scale, and will soon offer two options: our printed classroom kits and, starting this March, our new, fully web-based digital program.

Skills for Everyday Success

Children need social-emotional skills to thrive both in the classroom and in life. Social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula teach children techniques to:

  • Gain confidence

  • Set goals

  • Make better decisions

  • Collaborate with others in work and play

  • Navigate the world more effectively

Implementation Made Easy

Committee for Children’s research-based Second Step SEL gives teachers an easy-to-implement, engaging way to teach social-emotional skills and concepts. Second Step SEL is designed to help children thrive and be more successful in school—ultimately setting them up to be thoughtful and productive adults.

What it is & Why it Matters!

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The Purpose of SEL: Let’s Be Clear

Social-emotional learning isn’t just a feel-good activity. It’s not psychotherapy or an attempt to parent kids. Nor is it a substitute for core academic subjects such as math, science, or literacy.

Instead, SEL concepts provide an extra dimension to education, focusing on improving cooperation, communication, and decision making. In a world where emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships, SEL gives students a framework for developing these skills.

Want to learn more?

Parents can access the Second Step Website by logging into

From here parents need to create an account by clicking the log in section of the page. Parents please USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS not your students email. Create a profile and then select your child's grade level.

Then use the code at the bottom of your parent newsletter to type into the website. Code NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS WITH NO SPACES. If you need your unique code, please contact your teacher via email or ARIES communication. Teachers have been taught how to navigate the website and will be able to assist you.

Newsletters have additional information that describes what exact skill your student is learning in class.

Documented Benefits of SEL

Decades of research have demonstrated the benefits of SEL. A short list of research findings includes the items below.